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Residential, Agricultural, Off-Grid, and Custom Solar Solutions

To A Brighter Future

Solar energy is the way of the future, and the team of solar installers at KVS are here to help you take advantage of our greatest natural resource. Many times people don't realize that solar panels are affordable and accessible to all populations. We are here to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on a solar panel investment.

Honest Solar, Done Right!

Kaw Valley Solar offers a no pressure, informative in home solar evaluation. You can ask our expert team all the questions you have about solar power and learn about options you have for your home and the expected savings you can achieve by adding solar panels to your home or business.


Why KVS?

We are a family owned and operated company focused on providing an affordable, reliable, and local solar company to Kansas & Missouri. We are experienced in all types of solar applications and installations. If you choose Kaw Valley Solar you will receive top tier service with top tier products. We take time to listen to each customer, address their questions, and give expert advice on what is right for your solar needs.There is only one Earth, and together we can choose a more responsible way to power our lives!

Why Solar?

Why Solar?

Solar Panels For Your Home,
Business, Or 
Agriculture Location?


Financial Incentives

There are a variety of financing options to make the upfront costs more affordable, including government incentives, tax deductions, and $0 down loans.


Increased Value

The value of your home, business, or agriculture location will increase with the desirability of solar panel installations.


Reduced Carbon

Renewable energy use and no greenhouse gas emissions are both key benefits of solar panel energy.


Energy Savings

Your energy costs will be drastically reduced, especially in peak summer months. When energy costs are typically skyrocketing.



Panels are extremely efficient and can be used in many ways. Power a pump, boon dock your RV, or clean your pool are just a few options.


Low Maintenance 

No mechanical or moving parts means low maintenance and high durability over the life of the install.


One of our KVS experts will reach out to assess your energy needs and provide a free solar assessment. We will educate you on how Solar works and the benefits of using solar. There are 1000's of uses for solar. We’ll diligently research any local benefits offered to you as well as find all eligible federal, state and municipal incentives to maximize your savings and ROI.


We are a turnkey solar solution that uses top tier products. Every system is user friendly with real-time monitoring. We install solar panels so that they can get the maximum amount of sun through the year. With the more aggressive Kansas seasons it takes a well trained crew to plan and install the equipment. Experienced staff members will help you with submitting all necessary paperwork (I.E taxes, rebates, etc.). Kaw Valley Solar has licensed maintenance crews that are just a phone call away.

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With our professional solar installation services, you will experience the benefits of stable energy prices and will no longer be at the mercy of fluctuating foreign oil costs. Energy independence is liberating and cost-effective, and when you add in your newly reduced carbon footprint and sustainability benefits, the decision becomes an easy one to make for the future of your home.


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We really enjoyed working with Matt. He was professional and willing to get us any information requested while we were making our decision. We never felt pressured to buy, which was a huge difference from the other 2 companies that we talked to. Both were pushing for an on the spot commitment. We found that KVS had the best pricing, so they have the luxury of being patient and letting a customer look around and come back when they are ready. We have had our system in operation for less than a month, but it is far exceeding the projected output. We couldn't be happier with our choice to hire Kaw Valley Solar and would recommend them to anyone.

Clint F.


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